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Storia e archeologia biblicaRA0102

Sede di Gerusalemme
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To introduce the students into the world of the human past given notions of Archaeology in general and of Biblical Archaeology in particular. To assist the students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the military, political, religious, social and cultural history of the ancient world. To explain the influence of historical events on the biblical texts. To help the students to place the biblical events in their geographical context.


1. Biblical Archaeology: 1.1. Archaeology in general: basic notions, methodology, chronology and study. 1.2. Biblical archaeology (past and presence). 1.3. Examples of archaeological sites connected to Christianity: 1.3.1. Domus-ecclesia. 1.3.2. Basilica. 1.3.3. Monastery. 1.3.4. Mosaics. 1.3.5. Tombs. 1.3.6. Graffiti. 2. Biblical History: 2.1. The Down of Civilizations. 2.2 Egypt. 2.3. Sumerian and Akkadian Empire. 2.4. Hammurabi and His State. 2.5. Hittites. 2.6. Era of Small States. 2.7. Assyrian and Chaldean (Neo-Babylonian) Empire. 2.8. Persian Empire. 2.9. Ancient Greece. 2.10. Macedonians. 2.11. The beginnings of the Roman Empire. 3. Biblical Geography: 3.1. Geography of the Middle East in general. 3.2. Physical geography of Israel. 3.3. Historical geography.


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Upon completion of the course, students are expected to outline the archaeology and history connected with many significant sites and regions in the Holy Land; to describe the geography and topography of various regions within the Holy Land; to identify many significant sites and regions in the Holy Land on a map.


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