Elenco corsi a.a. 2011/2012
Anno accademico 2011/2012

Teologia fondamentale RA0301

Sede di Gerusalemme


Introduction to Theology: From revelation to Christian life (believing, celebrating, living), to theology. The sources of theology. Subject and formal object. Relations between faith and reason, theologians and Magisterium. Theology as science. Methods in theology. Different disciplines. Areas of special interest in contemporary theology. Fundamental Theology - First part: historical-positive documentation. The Biblical evidence: history, contents and institutions of the divine revelation in the Old and New Testament. Man’s response: faith in the Old and New Testament. The Patristic period: Eastern and Western Fathers of the Church on revelation and faith. The Scholastic period: Bonaventure, Thomas, Duns Scot. Doctrines of the Catholic Magisterium in context: Protestant Reformation and Council of Trent; Rationalism, Fideism and Vatican I; the crisis of Modernism; from Vatican II to Benedict XVI. Second part: systematic. From Apologetics to Foundational Theology: “to give reason of the Christian Hope”. Predestination of all human creatures in Christ: being, knowing, acting. Objectivity of the Christian Way: a critical examination of the NT sources: Jesus of history and Christ of faith. Credibility and coherence of the Christian message: Jesus as the central Mystery, the Word, and the Sign.


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