Elenco corsi a.a. 2016/2017
Anno accademico 2016/2017

Sacramenti 2 RA0505

Sede di Gerusalemme
Secondo semestre


A study of each Sacrament, moving from a Catechetical approach to a Dogmatic Systematic reflection.


a. Sacraments: each of the four Sacraments will be studied from these complementary points of view: biblical data; history of the praxis; magisterial teaching; theological reflection, the post-Conciliar Ordines; systematic vision. b. Ministries: Institution of Lectors and Acolytes [very short presentation]. Learning Outcomes: The students, following the genetic-progressive methodology, will be qualified to understand the “sacraments-of-faith” from the biblical and dogmatic point of view - They will acquire a clearer awareness of the interplay between speculative study, spiritual life and pastoral ministry.


Prerequisite: The Catechism of the Catholic Church, Part II, Section(s I-) II. Sources: DENZINGER, Enchiridion Symbolorum; CONGREGATION FOR DIVINE WORSHIP AND THE DISCIPLINE OF THE SACRAMENTS, The Roman Ritual [USA E.C., Collegeville]; PAULUS VI, Ministeria Quaedam (Rome 1972); MARTINEZ GERMAN, Signs of Freedom. Theology of the ChristianSacraments (New York, Paulist Press 2003). (ch 9 = Anointing;10 = Orders and Ministries; 11 Marriage); MARTOS JOSEPH, Doors to the Sacred: A Historical Introduction to Sacraments in the Catholic Church (Liguori, RedemptoristPress 2001); VORGRIMLER HERBERT, Sacramental Theology (Collegeville, The Liturgical Press 1992). AA.VV., The Rites of the Catholic Church, 2 Vols. (Collegeville, The Liturgical Press 1976); ADRIAS CHRIS, Reconciliation: Celebrating God’s Healing Forgiveness (New York, Double Day 1987); BOULEY ALLAN (ed.), Catholic Rites Today: Abridged Texts for Students (Collegeville, The Liturgical Press 1992); CAPUTA GIOVANNI, Il sacerdozio dei fedeli in San Beda (Città del Vaticano, Lev 2002); ID.-JULIAN FOX, Priests of Christ, in the Church, for the World (London, Lulu 2010); COURTH FRANZ, I Sacramenti: Un trattato per lo studio e per laprassi (Brescia, Queriniana 1999); DONOVAN DANIEL, What Are They Saying About the Ministerial Priesthood? (New York, Paulist Press 1992); DULLES AVERY, The Priestly Office. A Theological Reflection (Mahwah, Paulist Press 1997); GALOT JEAN, Theology of the Priesthood (San Francisco, Ignatius Press 2005); KASPER WALTER, Theology of Christian Marriage (New York, Crossroad 1981); KASZA JOHN, Understanding sacramental healing: Anointingand Viaticum (Chicago, Liturgy Training Publications 2008); MACQUARRIE J., Principles of Christian Theology (London, SCM Press 2003); MARCHESELLI CASALE CESARE, Il Sommo Sacerdotei sacerdoti il popolo sacerdotale (Lettera agli Ebrei), in “LiberAnnuus” SBF 65(2015) 315-350; MIRALLES ANTONIO, Teologia Liturgica dei Sacramenti. N° 6: Ordine (Roma, 2010); MÜLLER G., Priesthood and Diaconate (San Francisco, St Ignatius Press 2002); O’LOUGHLIN FRANK, The Future of the Sacrament of Penance (New York, St Pauls 2007); OSBORNE KENAN. The Diaconate in the Christian Church: Its History and Theology (Chicago, LTP 1996); ID., Priesthood: A History of the Ordained Ministry in the Roman Catholic Church (Eugene, Wipf & Stock 2002); ID., Ministry: Lay Ministry in the Roman Catholic Church; Its History and Theology (Eugene, Wipf & Stock 2003); ID., Orders and Ministry. Leadership in the World Church (New York, Orbis Book 2006); PHILIBERT P.J., The Priesthood of the Faithful: Key to a living Church (Collegeville, The Liturgical Press 2005); POWER DERMOT, A Spiritual Theology of the Priesthood (Washington, CUA Press, 1998); VANHOYE ALBERT, Old Testament Priests and the New Priest according to the New Testament (Petersham-MA, St Bede’s Publishing 1986); WOOD SUSAN, Sacramental Orders (Collegeville, The Liturgical Press 2000).