Elenco corsi a.a. 2011/2012
Anno accademico 2011/2012

Teologia pastorale RA1101

Sede di Gerusalemme
Secondo semestre


Part I, Historical: Beginning and development of PT in Protestant and Catholic areas. Successive perspectives: clerical and pragmatic; biblical and theological; ecclesial and “organic”; religious and humanistic. - Part II, Magisterial: [1] - Continuity and novelty at Vatican II. Guidelines of John XXIII and Paul VI. [2] – Foundational and unifying role of the 4 Constitutions (SC; LG; DV; GS). – Gaudium et Spes in context:. [3] From Vat II until today: Christifideles Laici; Synods for Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, Holy Land. [4] PT according to Pastores dabo vobis :“cotidie Ecclesia gignit Ecclesiam” (St Bede). Part III, Systematic: [1] Scientific foundations of Pastoral T. as “Practical” T. [2] Subjects. [3] Dimensions: interconnected areas of action. [4] Relations with “human sciences”. [5] The methodological process: kairology, criteriology, planning, evaluating. [6] Conclusion: a work in progress.


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