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in collaborazione con
all'interno dello STOQ 3 - UPS Project
hanno organizzato
4-11 marzo 2007

Un contributo nella direzione dell'impegno educativo per formarsi e formare alla pace e alla convivenza tra gli uomini e i popoli è l'esperienza vissuta da un gruppo di ventiquattro insegnanti e operatori sociali (metà israeliani e metà palestinesi)

The establishment of an Israel – Palestinian study group under UPS sponsorshipis a joint venture between 'ESHED' in Israel, 'THE WAY' from the Palestinian Authority, and UPS (Pontifical Salesian University) in Rome.

Lying at the base of the project is the belief and the hope that a long-term academic and educational encounter will serve as a bridge to peace, understanding and coexistence between nations and religions.

In view of the 2005 project's success, and the great and mining full sponsorship by UPS, we intend to expand this welcomed activity and conduct a similar course of studies and encounters between educators and Israeli and Palestinian public figures.

The program of the week in Rome (4-10 March 2007) will be organized by UPS' Faculty of Philosophy [STOQ III Project], in collaboration with other UPS' Faculties, professors of other (Pontifical and State) Universities and various Cultural Associations and Institutions.

The syllabus combines the following content:

  • Psychology
  • Communication Social Work Educating for Peace,
  • Democracy, Reconciliation and Non violence
  • Monotheistic Religion
  • Leadership skills
  • Science and Peace
  • Interreligious Dialogue
  • Ecology
  • Mass-media, theatre, communication and peace

The program (Jerusalem and Rome) comprises a total of 100 academic hours.

The program in Rome includes six study days as part of an intensive workshop, taught by UPS and other Pontifical or State Universities' lecturers (60 hours – 8 ECTS), from March 4 to March 10, 2007

We view this encounter - the joint activities and outings - as an important ideal serving the interests of the program.

Therefore all joint activities are worthy of being included in the program and being eligible for academic credit.

Graduates of the program will receive professional certification from UPS.

The program at UPS consists of 60 hours (5 cr = 8 ECTS) distributed in 40 hours of lectures and 20 hours of cultural and religious activities (guided visits, meetings, etc.).

Monday 5th, Tuesday 6th, Wednesday 7th and Friday 9th will bededicated totally for classes; Thursday 8th and Saturday 10th will be dedicated to guided cultural and religious visits, in keeping with themes treated during classes and will form part of the program.

1. Staff of lecturers

  • Bachelet Prof. Giovanni (University of Rome "La Sapienza" – Physics)
    Reasons for Forgiveness
  • Bonney Prof. Gillian Mary (St. Anselm Pontifical University – Rome – Theology)
    Monotheistic Religions. Comparative Studies
  • Desbouts Prof. Cristian (UPS, Faculty of Sciences of Education)
    School, Peace and Curriculum
  • Ferrero Prof. Michele (Theological Center "Ratisbonne" – Jerusalem)
    Aristotle and Confucius: virtue and the city. Education to virtue and social life.
  • Gonsalves Prof. Peter (UPS, Faculty of Sciences of Social Communication)
    Experiences of Education to Peace
  • Jaegger Prof. David (Chief Negotiator of the Vatican in Israel-Holy See relations)
    Lecture (2 hs).
  • Kureethadam Prof. Joshtrom Isaac (UPS, Faculty of Philosophy)
    Ecology and Peace
  • Lewicki Prof. Tadek (UPS, Faculty of Sciences of Social Communication)
    Workshop: Theatre and peace Education
  • Mantovani Prof. Mauro (UPS, Faculty of Philosophy)
    Love and Being. About "de divinis nominibus"
  • Marin Prof. Maurizio (UPS, Faculty of Philosophy)
    Cultural and Historical Visits
  • Pasqualetti Prof. Fabio (UPS. Faculty of Sciences of Social Communication)
    Workshop: Mass-media and peace Education
  • Tanzella-Nitti Prof. Giuseppe (Pontifical University of the Holy Cross – Rome – Theology)
    The Influence of scientific world View in Theology. A brief Assessment and future Perspectives
  • Thuruthiyil Prof. Scaria (UPS. Faculty of Philosophy)
    Religion and Non-violence in Hinduism and Buddhism

2. Cultural and Historical Visits

  • Tarquinia (Rome): Archaeological Escaves and Museum
  • Castelgandolfo (Rome):
  • Centre for Interreligious Dialogue (Focolare Movement) - Vatican Observatory - Town and the Lake
  • Rome: Vatican and Centre

3. Daily Program (doc)

Scarica la Locandina (doc)


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